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rasqal_triples_match_s Struct Reference

#include <rasqal.h>

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Detailed Description

rasqal_triples_match: : User data pointer for factory methods. : The [4]array (s,p,o,origin) bindings against the current triple match only touching triple parts given. Returns parts that were bound or 0 on failure. : Move to next match. : Check for end of triple match - return non-0 if is end. : Finish triples match and destroy any allocated memory.

Triples match structure as initialised by rasqal_triples_source method init_triples_match.

Definition at line 998 of file rasqal.h.

Public Attributes

rasqal_triple_parts(* bind_match )(struct rasqal_triples_match_s *, void *user_data, rasqal_variable *bindings[4], rasqal_triple_parts parts)
void(* finish )(struct rasqal_triples_match_s *, void *user_data)
int(* is_end )(struct rasqal_triples_match_s *, void *user_data)
void(* next_match )(struct rasqal_triples_match_s *, void *user_data)
void * user_data

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